CalArts Event Publicity FAQs

国产偷拍视频Anyone who is a part of the CalArts community including students, alumni, faculty and staff are welcome to request event/performance publicity from the Institute. Depending on the nature of your event, the Office of Communications will help determine which channels your event will be publicized on. 

Steps for Publicizing On-Campus Events: 

  1. Download the CalArts Facilities Event Performance Form found on the Hub. *This form is mandatory for all events and performances on the CalArts campus.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Institute Scheduler (located in the Mailroom Service Center) at least 14 days before the date of the event. *Space is approved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Fill out the online 

Steps for Publicizing Off-Campus Events: 

  1. Fill out the online . 

The CalArts Office of Communications uses several channels for event promotion. 

  • Institute Events Calendar: On-campus events that have been approved by Facilities are added to the Institute Events Calendar, which also includes off-campus events affiliated with CalArts.  
  • Weekly Events Newsletter: During the academic year, the Office of Communications emails a weekly newsletter of upcoming events. 
  • Social Media: The Office of Communications runs the official CalArts , and . Our includes the option to request social media publicity.
  • CalArts 24700 Blog: Some events and performances may be featured on our blog. Requests can be sent to

For media requests please contact our Media Relations Manager Margaret Crane at mcrane@hushamanda.com国产偷拍视频 or 661-222-2787. 

CalArts Event/Performance Forms


国产偷拍视频This form is mandatory for all on-campus events to reserve space. Deadline to submit this form is 14 days prior to your event if publicity is requested. Completing this form will automatically include your event in efforts by the Office of Communications to publicize the program through the Calendar of Events on the website and our Weekley Events email to subscribers.

Download the Facilities Form

Office of Communications Publicity Request

Additional publicity materials including images can be be sent to our office via the Google Form below.