Institutional Research and Effectiveness at CalArts coordinates evaluation and planning throughout the Institute by facilitating research design, as well as data collection, analysis and interpretation for academic, co-curricular, and administrative units across campus. Specific areas of activity include: assessment, accreditation and program review, institutional research, and strategic planning.

Program Assessment

The purpose of academic assessment at CalArts is to continuously enhance the educational experience of our students. This is achieved through faculty-driven methods predicated on institute values that aim to produce relevant and functional information. Information gathered is used to align pedagogical approaches, curricular development, and administrative policies with the needs of our students in the following ways:

  1. by examining the relevance of the scope, depth and rigor of the curriculum;
  2. by evaluating the effectiveness of teaching methods, delivery modes, and course content; and
  3. by integrating discussions about student learning into planning and resource-allocation decisions.